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So I just had to share this little story as I still can't believe my amazing gardening score! Last week I had stopped by the local garden centre at Strathroy's Great Canadian Superstore.   To my surprise practically everything was marked down by 40% - 60%!!  Woohoo!  I quickly grabbed a bunch of plants for my new garden I was putting in and headed home to tell my husband the awesome deal I had just got.

A few days later I was in the city doing some grocery shopping and stopped at a different Superstore location.  I decided to hit their Garden Centre to see if they had anything else that might be of interest.  There was this Hardy Fig Tree I had debated on purchasing that I was hoping might be there.  And to my surprise, there was a huge table of them!! On sale for $11!  Perfect.

I grabbed the Fig Tree and a couple other plants and headed to the cash register.  When the lady rang me through she said "That will be $4.40 please."

Huh? So silly me asked if that was right.  She then coldly replied "I can charge you more if you want."

That's when I saw the tiny sign and those people with huge carts full of plants finally made sense.  The garden centre had been put on notice that it was to close THAT day for the season and all the plants were being sold for $.50, $1.00 & $2.00!  I couldn't believe it!  I put my 4 little plants in the car and grabbed a cart and started to stock up!

Bushes, trees, perennials and annuals....you name it, I got it! The selection wasn't the best but it was more than enough for what I needed.  By the time I was done there was barely enough room in my car for me, let alone any groceries.  My husband was gonna kill me!  Luckily, when I showed him my huge flora haul and told him what I paid, he was AMAZED!

I had purchased over $250.00 worth of plants for......

wait for it....


 No seriously! $16.50!  21 plants for less than $20!  

I'm still kind of in shock!  Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is if you looking for a bargain it pays to wait for sales or the end of season.  They may not have the selection, but the price can't be beat!  Now to plant all these lovelies!

What's been your best summer sale score?
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  1. Wow that is amazing! I cannot believe you got all of those plants for under $17!! What luck. I bet your garden is going to look lovely. Thank you for sharing on #ThriftyThursday :)

    1. Thanks! Sometimes is just all about being in the right place at the right time. :)

  2. Score! I love it when deals pop up like that! Makes you feel like you won the lottery;0)

    1. You would have thought I won the lottery when I rushed home to show my husband what I got. :)

  3. What a great result:) your garden is going to look great. #thriftythursday

  4. Oh fantastic - I though I was doing well picking up an ornamental grass at 70% off! What I am planning to do this autumn though is take cuttings from all my fruit bushes and get free plants that way. #thriftythursday

    1. 70% off is nothing to scoff at. I would have been happy with that! I'm going to be splitting a bunch of hostas and lilies in the fall to spread around the yard too!


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