#Thrifty Dining Chair #Makeover

You may remember from some previous posts that I purchased an dining room table, chairs and sideboard for our new home.  Best part; I only paid $150 for the entire set.  Worst part; they're pretty ugly.

So I gave the sideboard a fabulous Chalk Paint makeover.  It was now time to take the dining room chairs.  These antique chairs are solid wood and in good shape with a gorgeous natural patina.

 But the seats....OH THE SEATS!  

Nothing could bring these old girls down like the hideous brown vinyl they had been covered in.

I thought they deserved better and decided to give recovering chairs a go.  I had seen my mom do it when I was young but never attempted it myself.  How hard could it be?

Actually, not that hard at all.  Although, I will point out it is important to have a good staple gun (not the rusty one your husband left in the shed) and the proper staples for the job.  And that's all I'm going to say about that. Really the most difficult thing was deciding on the new fabric.  I opted for a faux crocodile vinyl in cream and silver.  I loved the look, but vinyl was the perfect choice with grubby kid fingers and messy dogs.

I did the easiest recovering possible.  I simply covered right over the old brown vinyl.  This was for two reasons. First, I didn't have the time or want the surprise of removing the old vinyl only to find I had to replace the padding too.  And second, in our house having an extra layer of protections from spills and stickiness is a always good idea.

I simply laid each chair seat over the material and cut out the proper size ensuring I had enough material to cover the sides and staple to the bottom.  Let the stapling begin!

Once I finished the first seat I was able to get into the groove and the other 5 finished much faster.  And in an afternoon I had transformed my ugly chairs into something I was excited to sit on.  And even better was the price tag....$25!  Yup, I bought $25 worth of material and ended up with enough leftover to recover one chair if it had an unfortunate accident.

I'm really pleased with how these chairs turned out.  Now I've got my sights set on our kitchen chairs!
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  1. The chairs look fab! We did the same with a load of old chairs in the pub that we use to run. Thanks for sharing on #ThriftyThursday :)

  2. They are transformed:) brought a wry grin to my face re sticky fingers... We have fabric covered chairs! #thriftythursday


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