Time for a Reboot #juice #cleanse

Today I'm pushing the reset button.  You know, that button inside your head that changes everything? The place where you put your foot down and say "No More!"

Wait, let me go back a little bit...

So the past few months have been more stressful than I would have liked.  Selling & buying a house, moving 2 kids and 2 dogs to a new town and a new school.  And then unpacking and trying to fix up our new home; all while both my husband and I continued to work.  Needless to say there was little time for taking care of me.  Too many late nights and early mornings, too much processed food, too much stress, not enough exercise or relaxation have taken their toll.

But, today I'm hitting the reset button!

Today starts my first day of a 7 day juice cleanse from Pulp & Press.  You may remember from last year that I did their 5 day cleanse after coming back from vacation.  Well, this time it's serious!  I need that jump start to reset my system, my body, mind and spirit and it's all going to start with cleaning out those toxins that have been dragging me down.

Follow along as I make my way through the next 7 days with nothing but delicious cold-pressed, organic juices and water.  I have a feeling it's going to be harder than the last time.  Ooh, and I forgot to tell you...my husband is doing it too!  So if nothing else, that should make for some good stories on how he & we handle the juice!

And before I forget, we decided to weigh in this morning just to track how our bodies change over the next 7 days.  So here it goes Internet...my weight this morning is: 154.8 lbs and Mike: 183.3 lbs.

Ugh, now that that's over with it's time to crack open that first  juice and let the cleansing begin!


Disclaimer: A huge thank you to Pulp & Press for the wonderful juices they create.  I did not  receive any compensation for this post, I just really like their juice! All opinions expressed are my own.

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