Easy Stamped Initial Painting #DIY

What to do with the kids on a rainy summer day?  In our house, craft time tends to keep them happy for quite a while.  So last week we whipped up these super cute Kid's Initial Paintings with nothing but a couple potatoes, some Deco Art paints and a bit of tape and paper. So save this post for a rainy day as it may come in handy and help you keep your sanity!

Easy Stamped Initial Painting

What You'll Need:

Paints (Deco Art Chalky Paints were the only thing I had handy!)
Thick Paper ( I used card stock) or a small canvas
Painters Tape

What to Do:

The first step is to tape out your initials  I used some painters tape and made the girls first initial on the paper.

 Next, it's time to make the potato stamps.  My idea was to have the kids use the stamps to make some funky patterns on the paper.  I simply cut out triangles from a couple old potatoes.

 And finally, it's time to paint.  Depending on the age of your kids, make sure to have a good sized workspace that's protected with some newspaper or a drop cloth.

Once the kids have stamped/painted their pieces, set them aside and let them dry a bit.  I waited until they were almost dry and then carefully peeled off the tape.

And voila! A super cute initial that your kids will love!  Stella thought it was pretty amazing! Alice who's almost 2 mostly enjoyed getting messy and eating her potato! Not so much stamping, more like mashing and rubbing;  but it doesn't matter.  They had a blast and we spent a good portion of the rainy morning creating masterpieces!

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