I Lost My Soap Making Virginity

Well, I can't go back now.  Just a few days ago something amazing happened....I lost it...my soap making virginity that is!  I don't know if it was the super moon or just some wonderfully good karma, but on Saturday I learned I was the winner of a spot in the Soap Making Workshop by Hummingbird Homestead Soaps!

I've always wanted to make my own soap, but the thought of using lye and the fear of messing up the recipe and ending up with a tub of slop kept me from attempting it on my own.  So what fabulous luck when my name got picked for the workshop!

The Soap Making class was held at this adorably eclectic vintage & DIY shop/studio called Operation Magpie in downtown London, ON.  It was the perfect setting for this small class.

Danielle from Hummingbird Homestead Soaps brought in all the oils, butters, scents and equipment and guided us through the process.

Our bars were made from Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil and Shea Butter.  We learned the Cold Process way to create soap and I couldn't believe how straight forward it was.  The only thing that was a little nerve wracking was mixing up the Lye & water, but once I got over my fear of causing a huge explosion, I discovered it actually wasn't bad at all.  You just need good ventilation and a mask, goggles and gloves.  All the chemical excitement was over in about a minute.

The workshop allowed each participant to make 2 - 1lb loaves of soap.  I opted for a tropical citrus scent for my first bar; Sweet Orange, Lime & Lemongrass essential oils mixed perfectly to create an uplifting and energizing scent.  For my second loaf I changed it up a bit and went for something a little spicier.  Cinnamon, Sweet Orange, Clove & Pine essential oils create a lovely fragrance that smells like autumn without being overpowering.

From start to finish the whole process took about 2.5 hrs.  We enjoyed learning about soap making and each other.  And of course we all had to ooh and aah over each others creations!

Hummingbird Homestead Soaps will be doing another workshop in the Fall and if you are the least bit curious about creating your own suds, I highly recommend signing up for it.  Operation Magpie also offers various DIY classes so check out her site to learn more and I'm sure you'll be hooked on her amazing creations!

Disclaimer: A huge thank you to Hummingbird Homestead Soaps & Operation Magpie for the fabulous class.  I was not compensated for this post and as always, all opinions expressed are my own.

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