No Place I'd Rather Be

Today I'm feeling grateful and joyful for no particular reason.  Maybe the week of detox has finally let me see clearly or maybe I'm finally on the path that was meant for me.  But whatever it is, I am so happy.

This kind of sums things up:

I'm taking care of me and my family and embracing those things that are truly important.  I have no time for the negative or self-defeating thoughts that have plagued me for years.  I have pushed those out and I'm focusing on positive, constructive and inspiring ideas.

And what a difference a mind shift makes!  Nothing else has changed other than my outlook on life & love and living, gone are the thoughts of running, hiding, shutting out the world.

Remember, the only way you are going to enjoy a life of love and happiness is to create it.  Surround yourself with those people that support and embrace you and make you feel good.  Life is to short to worry about what others think and to get wrapped up in negativity, gossip and criticism. Grab the good and hang on tight! Screw the bullshit and those who say you can't!  There's no need to run away...

Stand your ground, stand tall and you'll find there's no place you'd rather be!

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