Running Is My Paramour

I have a confession to make...

I haven't been faithful and I have been stepping out with another....and he's called Running. Yes, I know that may sound kind of ridiculous, but I've come to realize Running is my Don Juan, my gigolo, my lover.

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 I've recently returned to my old flame after a few years apart.  This will be the third time we've gotten back together after calling it quits.  Mostly because I was pregnant, giving birth or nursing a child.  But alas, that is all over with and I'm free to engage in some outside activities.

I was first introduced to Running by my friend Sarah.  She had met him online and while fighting cancer she found some solace in his embrace.  She thought that he & I might really hit it off and introduced us.  This lead to an on going fling.  There were so many highs and I couldn't believe how good Running made me feel; free, joyous, empowered. But then my friend Sarah lost her battle with cancer.  After that, I couldn't bare look at Running and so we parted ways, never to speak again.

Fast forward a couple years and one child later and I was re-introduced to Running by another friend coincidentally named Sarah. It was like we hadn't missed a beat and we picked up right where we left off.  Running made me laugh and cry and feel like a totally different person.  It was to the point where things got pretty serious and we even joined races.  But as good as running made me feel I knew that I needed more; I couldn't just leave my family and run.  Once again, I was pregnant and expecting my second daughter and thought it best to call things off before we got in too deep.

Over the next couple years I thought about Running often; how well we complimented each other; how in a matter of minutes he could make me feel strong, confident and beautiful. I reminisced of the days we spent together; stealing away for sunset jogs and sneaking out for a sunrise dash before anyone awoke. Glorious.

Before long, our paths would cross again.  My friend Shannon recently re-introduced us and it was magical.  I fell completely under Running's spell and we have been inseparable ever since; meeting three, sometimes four times a week!  We just can't seem to get enough of each other.  Running has brought out some things in me I thought had disappeared a long time ago.

The best part is, my husband has met Running and approves of our relationship.  His main concern is that I don't get hurt and I think we can all agree to that.

Well, it's no secret anymore...

My name is Jennifer & I'm having an affair...with Running!

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