The Cleanse is OVER! Now What? #Juice #Cleanse

It's official! Our 7-day cleanse has come to an end!

The Last Juice

Now what?

Well, I think my husband and I both learned a lot in the past week.  Aside from losing some poundage (I lost 9 lbs and Mike lost 11.2 lbs) we both finished the week with a new outlook on our food & eating habits.

What are we eating? What are we knowingly putting in our body? 
What don't we need? How can we change?

This past week was filled good days, not so good days; super happy energized feelings & bitchy, moody outbursts.  But aside from all that there were many conversations on what we would do differently after the cleanse was done.

I ordered a food dehydrator this week as part of the new plan.  We will be moving towards eating more raw and unprocessed foods and way more veg.  Hence, the spiralizer and dehydrator for the kitchen.  There will be more homemade juices and  lots of water.  And, yes I know this is sacrilege, but NO coffee for a while!  Crazy what a cleanse will do!

On top of some big lifestyle changes, I started running. Seriously! You could say it was the juice or the great motivational posts from Sweet Stella's, but whatever it was made me want to get up and get moving.  And so I did! And I was shocked that I could actually do it AND I even enjoyed it. (read: may have purchased a fancy running watch)

Doing the cleanse certainly was a great way to detox our bods, but I was surprised by it's ability to detox our mind and spirit.  I feel physically and mentally lighter and ready to take on some new challenges! And a big shout out to Pulp & Press Juice Co., the amazing local company behind our transformative cleanse.  Stop by and give them some love or maybe try a cleanse for yourself!

Disclaimer: A huge thank you to Pulp & Press for the wonderful cleanse.  I did not  receive any compensation for this post, I just really like their juice! All opinions expressed are my own.

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