The Good, The Bad & The Ugly - Halfway Through My #Juice #Cleanse

Well, it's official....we've made it halfway through our 7 day juice cleanse from Pulp and Press.  I thought it would be fitting to share The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of my cleanse journey.

Warning: TMI alert! Be prepared.

The Good:
  1. Less Lbs - yup, we've both lost a few pounds and loving it!
  2. Bye bye Bloat - any belly bloat is long gone thanks to all the gorgeous juice!
  3. Hello Glow - yes, it's true, I'm starting to glow.  My skin looks brighter and my hair shinier.
The Bad:
  1. Food Torture - cleansing while still having to prepare food for the kidlets is cruel & unusual punishment and practically unbearable. At any moment I feel as though I could snatch the kid's plates and swallow them whole.
  2. Limited Energy - yes, I ran this morning, but that energy was very quickly used and having to wait until my next juice to recharge was difficult to say the least.
The Ugly:
  1. Sticky Teeth - yeah, you read that right. Since starting the cleanse my husband and I have both experienced weird sticky teeth.  Part of the detox process I guess and easily vanquished by a toothbrush, but still a little creepy.
  2. Pas de Poop -well maybe this should go under the good.  But as you proceed into the cleanse and aren't eating anything, that means there's no output either. Not a bad thing, but something that takes getting used to.
So take what you will from my observations, but I can tell you we are over the hump and the finish line is in site.  Yes, there have been obstacles to over come but the end result will completely erase any struggles in our journey.  I'm saying yes to a healthier, detoxed, lighter, glowing me!

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