5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat More Greens

I have to say that I'm pretty lucky with my girls and for the most part they will eat just about anything.  But there is the odd time where they turn their nose up at something because it doesn't look how they want it to.  Yes, I've told some little white lies...tofu is chicken and cabbage leaves are flat noodles, and that's totally worked.  But I have also resorted to hiding some greenery in their favourite foods!

Here's a few ways I like to add a little extra green & nutrients to some of our favourite dishes:

5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat More Greens

  1. Sauces - spaghetti sauce, stir fry, casserole - it doesn't matter.  I will always throw in a bunch of spinach or kale to boost up my sauces.  I can usually getaway with chopping my greens and tossing them in, but if you've got picky eaters, you can always blend it first.  Once it's all cooked down, you can't even notice it.
  2. Pizza - oh yeah, I love adding kale or spinach as a pizza topping.  Just chop it up along with some fresh herbs and they'll never know the difference.
  3. Muffins & Breads - banana bread, blueberry muffins - take your pick of your family's favourite baked goods and kick them up a notch by tossing in some blended greens.  The fruit and spices in your recipe will make the greens undetectable!
  4. Apple Sauce - oh yeah...blow your kids away with some Popeye inspired apple sauce.  Add fresh spinach and blend it with your applesauce and it'll turn bright green! So fun for the kiddos...and me.
  5. Desserts - not that we have a lot of desserts around here, but when we do I always try to boost them with some sneaky ingredients.  Greens in brownies....oh yeah! And I even threw in spinach in the fruit roll ups and no one even noticed!
Even if you family isn't keen on a big bowl of steamed veggies you can pretty well puree anything and hide it in your favourite dishes.  I always make sure to have veggies as a side dish at meals so the kids can learn and appreciate balanced meals, but I do also sneak in some extra that they don't know about just to make sure they're getting lots of greens!

Do your kids eat their vegetables or are you a veggie ninja...secretly stashing them in their food?

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