Hello September: Not So New Year's Resolutions

It's a new month and the start of a new school year,  like New Year's but with nicer weather.  We celebrate the end of summer with Labour Day festivities and get back to our routines and new adventures with the start of September.

But I definitely feel like September is the start of something new: a new season, new adventures and a new perspective.  

Last month I took some big steps and decided to take control over my health and well being.  First of which was a complete system reboot with a 7-day juice cleanse from Pulp & Press. It was a challenge, but so worth it!

 And just to switch things up I also started running again (at the end of the cleanse) all thanks to super motivational mama -  Shannon from Sweet Stella's.  This chick literally had a baby and within weeks was out hitting the pavement again.

So I figured why not me too? 

This is my 'I just ran 7.5km' face!
And so I did! I'm pretty stoked that I ended up finishing off  August running 68.15km over the entire month.  Not too shabby given I haven't run in probably close to a year. And to top it off I have booked a 5km race in September and a 10km one in October! Oh, and Shannon if you're reading this...THANK YOU!

 I may not be singing Auld Lang Syne but I am definitely feeling like a leaf has turned and September brings on many new & fabulous challenges.

From running more to more clean eating & focusing on me, my family and of course this blog I'm going to start this 'almost' New Year with a bang!

How about you?

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