Over 35 & Heading Back to School?!

Going back to school...and over 35?!  Shut the front door! And now that's officially me! Yup, I'm over 35 (shh...don't tell) and I have decided to go back to school.  So it's not full on classrooms and teachers...more like books, books & more books and some correspondence but it's still back to school.

Recently I have been reviewing my life and my goals and dreams and I realized that something was missing. I could never put it into words until last week, and then after an epic hike in the woods with Sweet Stella's it finally hit me.

I have to go to school; get a degree, a diploma, a certificate with MY name on it and some fancy letters at the end.

I've always struggled to find what spoke to me; bouncing from school to job to city looking for something more.  I have 2 half degrees which unfortunately don't add up to a whole one.  I guess you could call me the classic under achiever.  When I apply myself (man, that sounds like my parents) I always succeed, but for some reason I always back away from success and throw up a smoke screen by making a drastic change in my life.

But this time it's different.  Enrolling in school was a conscious, well thought out decision that I'm super excited about instead of being a distraction from something else I was trying to avoid.  By sharing my new path with you only makes that decision more concrete & final.

And what will I be studying you ask?  Well, I just enrolled in the Registered Holistic Nutritionist program through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN)!  The program combines so many of my passions and interests it's kind of creepy.  From science to nutrition to wellness and everything in between this course will be the perfect compliment to my lifestyle along with giving me the tools and knowledge to make even more improvements to my life as a whole. And my end goal is to be able to effectively share and communicate what I've learned in order to help others take steps to healthier & happier lives.

EEEE! I'm so excited! 

So there you have it... I'm going back to school, gonna read till my brain explodes and I can't wait to start sharing all that amazing knowledge with you!

Have you gone back to school later in life? Was it by choice or necessity? And how did you handle the adjustment to becoming a student again?

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  1. i am going back to school after a 7 year wait. I am going to do my masters degree so i can understand where you are coming from. my motivation is abit different from yours because i want to do more with what i have and the only way to do it is through better education


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