The Ugly Truth: 5 Reasons Why Running Ain't Pretty

It's been exactly 6 weeks since I started running again.  And today I went for my longest run ever! 11km in 1:11:28!  I'm super stoked about this milestone and I can't beleive I went from couch to 11km in just 6 weeks.  I'm so exctied for my upcoming races knowing that I will be able to finish them with flying colours. 

Over the past few weeks I've learned a bit about running that I'm glad I didn't know before I started to hit the pavement.  See, running isn't pretty and in fact...it's kinda gross.  Here's why:

5 Reasons Why Running Ain't Pretty

  1. Sweat - ya, when you run, a funny thing happens...you sweat.  And yes, that's a good thing for your body, but it's also super gross.  Peeling off soaking wet clothes is rather disgusting and I always pray I don't bump into anyone I know while out for a jog.
  2. B'acne - there, I said it! B'acne - aka: Back Acne is repulsive and something that has started to become a frequent occurence. The combination of sweat and friction from my running gear tends to cause some gigantic erruptions that make me feel like I'm back in high school.  Ugh.
  3. Troll Feet - so I'm not an ultra marathoner or even close, but my feet certainly take a beating. And it's worse during the summer as my cute little pedicures get trashed after just a couple runs. And don't for get the calluses and rough skin. Thank God sandal season is almost over!
  4. Fright Face - we're all guilty of thinking we're hot sh@% when we're out for a run. I picture I look like one of those girls from Baywatch, jogging in slow motion down the beach, looking perfect - tanned, toned and sexy.  But, I caught a glimpse of myself in a car window and instead of beach babe I resembled Bruce Banner about to turn into the Hulk. Huffing, grunting, sweaty and scary! So not pretty.
  5. Pee Pee Pants - yup..you read that right.  And ladies, I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about. Another lovely side effect of running for a lot of women can be incontinence. For reals! But I'm standing up and standing proud to admit the fact that I have peed my pants while out running. The medical term is Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) and it's absolutely mortifying, but I'm working on it. Lots of kegels, fluid restrictions and no coffee have helped tremendously.  So glad having kids and the constant pounding from running has given me weak pelvic floor muscles. Awesome!
Running ain't pretty...but I still do it.  But why??

My Longest run yet! 11km

 The sense of accomplishment, the increased confidence, fitness and the almost meditative state completely negate those not so pretty parts of running. And that's why I continue to hit the pavement...even if I have to wear a diaper doing it!

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