Sometimes It's All About the Start

There's always this huge celebration; crowds cheering, smiling faces and friends dancing as you cross that finish line.  But what about the starting line? Where your journey begins? Sometimes, that start, that beginning is just as, if not more powerful than the finish.

This past weekend I ran my first 10 km race and it was amazing; beautiful location, lovely fall day and my family joined me to cheer me on.  Now don't get me wrong, seeing my loving husband and gorgeous girls screaming for me was an unbelievable experience and made my heart overflow.

Survived my 1st 10k! And still smiling!

But there was something else spectacular that happened at the beginning of that race.  Something that no one else saw.  Something that gave me the energy & determination to kick that 10k's butt!  Yes, I eavesdrop on people's conversations.  And I'm so glad I overheard this amazing story at the starting line on Sunday:

There was the gentleman, probably late 50's or early 60's explaining to his friend that he had gastric bypass surgery and they damaged his esophagus and his colon and despite that he would do it all over again.  He said it gave him a new lease on life and he was so grateful.  Now this guy was still a bigger guy, probably 250 lbs - 300 1bs and he went on to tell his friend how he runs 10 km EVERY morning and he's done over 12 Half Marathons!  I was floored! Yes, I totally judged him when I saw him and thought "wow, good for him for trying the 10k", but then after overhearing his inspiring story I realized this man was probably in better shape than me!

A couple weeks ago I ran two 5 km races in one weekend.  At my first race I chatted with a woman at the starting line about running.  She had just starting running in May and was running in three 5 km races that weekend, two 10k's the next and she had just finished her first 1/2 marathon less than 2 weeks before!  I was blown away!  That could be me!

About to cross the Finish Line - waving & running is hard!

So yes, I wouldn't give up the celebrations at the Finish Line for anything, but there's something to be said about the Starting Line.  Inspiration and motivation are overflowing at the race start and they can  totally erase any nervousness & hesitation while you wait for that horn to blow.

Remember, it's not just about the Finish; 
the Start is where it all begins!

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