Thanksgiving Leftovers: 10 Tasty Ways

The house is empty, the feast is finished and the dishes are done.  Now what to do with all that leftover Thanksgiving turkey?  I do enjoy some great leftovers, but I get bored of the same old stuff pretty quickly.  So I've rounded up some delicious, exciting and maybe even good-for-you recipes to help use up all those lovely turkey leftovers.  Enjoy!

Turkey Leftovers - 10 Tasty Ways
  1.  Turkey Tettrazini
  2. Turkey Pot Pie 
  3. Thanksgiving Leftover Waffle Melt
  4. Turkey Yellow Curry
  5. Sweet Potato & Kale Turkey Chili
  6. Butternut Hash with Leeks & Turkey
  7. Bacon Kale & Turkey Stew
  8. Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich
  9. Turkey Prosciutto Pizza
  10. Baked Tortellini with Turkey & Butternut Squash

What's your favourite way to use up all those yummy leftovers?


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