Thrifty Thanksgiving Decor #Frugal #Edible

Short on time? Short on money? But want to get into that Harvest spirit? 

Don't worry, I got you covered.  I've been entirely too busy to realize that it's Thanksgiving this weekend and Halloween is just a couple weeks away.  I've always been a huge sucker for Harvest decor but I find some of the items in stores are completely over priced and to be honest, I don't really feel that plastic really gives that Autumn feel.  So today in just a few minutes I whipped up some cute and thrifty Thanksgiving decor for the homestead using lots of items from my garden and some of my squash from the farm just up the road. 

First up is the end of the driveway.  I simply moved my mum & urn into the garden and added some more grasses.  Then I grabbed an old broken chair from the garage, added more awesome squash and pumpkins and voila! Cute and cost effective!

And then of course was the front door.  This corner showcases the last of my pumpkins and squash.  I repurposed one of my summer lanterns and filled it with little gourds.  Added some grass and twigs from the garden and that was it.  Quick, simple and very harvesty!

I love using natural materials and recycled items for my decor ideas.  The best part about these festive decorations is that all the squash and pumpkins are edible.  So there will be lots of yummy eats in the coming months.  Plus, I'm planning to save the seeds and hopefully get some of these wicked pumpkins to sprout in my backyard.  Decor....dinner....and food for next year, now that's thrifty!

What are your favourite items for Autumn decorating?

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