Getting Your Family Into the Giving Spirit

With a just a month left until that big jolly guy comes down the chimney it's easy to get wrapped up in all the shopping, wish lists and spending money.  Don't get me wrong, I like Christmas just as much as the next person, but what I don't like is seeing how easily things switch from being all about giving to ALL about getting.

So here's a few easy ways to keep your family in the Giving Spirit:
  1. Clean Out the Closets:  now is the time to sort through last year's Winter gear and pull out what no longer fits.  If you have kids, then that's likely just about everything.  And if not, sort out those items you no longer wear.  Hats, mitts, coats, boots....everyone needs these things.  And most towns have various winter clothing drives or drop off places for new or gently used items.  Getting the kids involved in sorting and donating will definitely help foster that generous nature.
  2. Volunteer as a Family: what better way to show your kids the gift of giving than to volunteer together.  Animal shelter, food bank or a local church; the possibilities are endless.  And most organizations have options for volunteering as a family and you'll be setting that wonderful example for your children.
  3. Shopping Spree:  yes, go shopping! But not for yourself!  How about setting up a budget for a family shop that's all for charity.  Whether it is food or clothes or even pet supplies, let your kids pick the items and take them to your favourite group.  Many of us like spending over the holidays, so why not spend it on someone who really needs it.
  4. Spread Some Cheer - sometimes it's all about a small gesture.  Why not drop off a casserole to a neighbour in need? Or some baked goods to the Women's shelter? Or some handmade ornaments to the Seniors home?  Everyone loves getting something heartfelt over the holidays, so show your family that anyone can be Santa with a small token!
Do you and your family to any volunteering or special giving over the holidays?  How do you spread the giving spirit?

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