That Time I Didn't Listen to my Body

You how you have that little voice in your head...that voice that keeps you out of trouble and on the right track? Well, last week I ignored her and now I'm paying for it.

Last Monday I was done work early and had a couple of hours before having to pick up the kids and it was a gorgeous day so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to sneak in a nice run.  I'm not a huge fan of running in the dark so daytime running always gets me excited.

I decided to do a bit more than I normally would during a weekday.  Now, I will mention that for the week leading up to it I had a nagging groin pain every time I ran.  It wasn't crippling, just annoying and when I wasn't running it wasn't there.  So about halfway into my run that nagging groin pain shows up.  No surprise there.  But I keep on trucking.  Less than a kilometre later the pain is significantly worse.  And then it gets to the point where I have to walk about every 3/4 km for a couple minutes.  I even stopped at one point trying to stretch out the area.  I must have looked pretty weird squatting at the side of a highway for a couple minutes.  Now, I would have cut my run short, but I was 4 km away from my house and I still had to pick up the kids.  I didn't have time to walk all the way home.  So off I ran...or rather, hobbled.

Finally, I made it home and picked up the kids.  I ended up running about 8.3 km and half of it was in pretty good pain.  It wasn't till I sat down later that night that I realized something wasn't right. When I stood up, I could barely walk.  I couldn't do the stairs and getting from one room to the next was agony.  I spent most of the night on the couch with an ice pack trying to get some relief.  The following day was marginally better, but I had to work and spent the day limping around the office.  When I could barely take off my shoes I realized something wasn't right.  So I booked myself in at the Sports injury clinic to see if I had done something a little more serious than I thought.

After a thorough exam they figured I had injured my Adductor tendon.  And I would need to rest and to get some physio.  I was not impressed to say the least.  So the next day I visited my Chiropractor and told him what had happened.  He immediately thought that it was a hamstring injury at the insertion point instead of an Adductor issue.  After a great adjustment and some ART therapy on my injured leg I went home to ice it some more.

As of today, I'm a week post stupid injury.  Still can't run, but at least I can walk without limping.  I am still kicking myself for that last run.  Why did I go out farther when it was hurting? Why did I ignore the pain the week before? Maybe I shouldn't have 'powered through' it.  I should have listened to my body.

If nothing else, I have learned that it's OK to listen to your body.  What's the point of getting in your miles or working on a personal best if you hurt yourself.  I'm hoping my injury isn't too serious and that I can actually run my 10k race coming up in less than 2 weeks.

Just remember, that little voice in your head isn't there to slow you down or hold you back...it may just be that voice that saves you.

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