6 Simple Ways to Beat the Blahs

The days are shorter, colder and greyer and if you're like me that means sometimes all that dark and dreariness can get you down.  It's easy to get caught up in that Winter hibernation, but luckily I've found a few super easy and FREE ways to battle those Winter blahs!

  1. Fill Up on Fresh Air - whether you're finishing the last of your winter garden preparations or making snow angels with the kids, fresh air can do wonders for your mood and energy.  And if it's not too cold, try opening your windows to let that lovely air in.  It's great for help air out any germs that might be hiding in the house.
  2. Get Moving - erase low energy with some good old fashioned exercise.  Whether you're hitting the gym or taking a walk around the neighbourhood every bit of movement helps.  Plus, when you exercise your body releases all those fabulous endorphins that will help bring that spring back to your step.
  3. Cut the Crap - it's so difficult this time of year to eat well and not over indulge.  Everywhere you look is another plate of cookies or chocolates.  But if you cut the crap (or most of it) you'll start to feel better.  All those sugars and processed foods might give you a quick boost, but it's short lived and the crash will keep you on a cycle of ups and downs.  And besides, all that crap is no good for your waistline either.
  4. Crank the Tunes - yup, that's right...blast some music; turn on the radio and play your favourite songs and enjoy. Don't get me wrong, quiet time is good....and essential, but you also need a little music in your life.  Studies show that  music can improve your mental and physical health and even help boost your immune system!
  5. Eat the Good - not only should you cut out the crap, but it's important to focus on those good, wholesome foods.  Eating fresh, nutrient dense foods will nourish your body but also help to provide you with all those important vitamins and minerals that are necessary for your mind, body and spirit to stay happy and healthy.  Look for local, seasonal, organic foods whenever  possible to maximize your nutrient intake.
  6. Bring Some Joy - yes, you may be suffering from those winter blahs, but what better way to ditch your Debbie Downer than by spreading some Christmas cheer? There is something transformational about giving  so why not donate your time or some items to help bring some joy to others.  It's amazing how contagious a smile can be.  So spread some peace, love and hope and I guarantee you'll be smiling in no time.
 I hope these tips will keep you happier and healthier this holiday season.  What's your favourite way to beat the blahs?


  1. Great tips! I I know I always feel better when I get moving and eat right.

  2. Getting moving ALWAYS helps me beat the blues!!! :)


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