Giving a Little Holiday Cheer

Since having kids and getting a few more grey hairs I've started to really like the idea of giving.  Now I don't mean spoiling my girls with tons of toys and gifts, but rather, giving to others...people I don't know; people who could really use a smile.

So this year I packed up a couple giant boxes for the Women's Community House.  In a previous life I used to sell clothing for a direct sales company and I had been storing a whole ton of brand new ladies clothing that I didn't know what to do with.  Sure, I sold some of it, but I ended up still having a lot of really nice clothing that I couldn't use.  When I started pulling out what I had, I couldn't believe it.  35 plus pieces of brand new clothing! We're talking jeans, jackets, shirts and more.  And then I also had some brand new accessories - jewellery and scarves.  It was a jackpot!

And then after checking out what items were in dire need I starting grabbing soaps, paper towels, toothbrushes and more.  I even found some new Christmas decorations and cards I had never even opened. What was I doing with all this stuff?  These ladies had left their homes with very little and definitely could use some necessities and a little Christmas cheer.  I tossed in a few new kids toys and diapers too.

Soon I had filled 2 big boxes and off I went to the Women's Community House.  For obvious reasons the security is tight at the shelter, but I was able to pile my donations in the lobby along with all the others.  I was quite taken aback by how much was there on a random weekday morning.  And I felt good adding my bit to the bin.

When I pulled away I was practically in tears; I was thinking about those brave women and children and thinking that if nothing else, those items might bring a smile to their faces and show them there still is some good out there.  I couldn't believe how amazing the act  ofgiving made me feel.  I felt grateful and happy and that brought a smile to my face .

Give a little; give a lot....just give and you really do receive!  Happy Holidays!

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