30 Days of Real Food #cleanse #detox

What better way to start off a New Year than to dive right into a food challenge!  Now I love food just as much as the next person and the holidays left me full, happy and definitely a little rounder.  Add that too a running injury that sidelined me for close to 2 months (read: nothing but couch) and I will admit the past few months have been filled with entirely too much eating and drinking and definitely not enough moving.

So today marks the first day of my 30 Day R.E.A.L Food Challenge!  Now I bought this plan last year, but never went through with the journey.  I don't know if it was because of fear, or lack of motivation or that I just wasn't ready and open to the adventure.  But I certainly am now!


Let me just start by saying I do not work for Young and Raw, nor am I affiliated or compensated in anyway for participating in this program.  As my New Year's resolution stated I am going to EXPLORE...and this means exploring a new way of eating and exploring just how strong and capable I am.

The 30 Day R.E.A.L Food Challenge was designed by a team of health and nutrition experts and all the recipes are free from dairy, corn, gluten and processed soy.  They are also all plant-based and free of processed foods and refined sugars.  Wowzer!  Yup, it's gonna be a fun ride to say the least.

What I love about the program so far is that each week is laid out for you; breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!  There's even a weekly shopping list and prep sheet so that you don't have to stress out trying to make your meals each day! So yesterday I hit the grocery store and loaded up on everything I will need for the week.  This turned out to be WAY more food than I thought as my husband is also doing the program too.  I spent Sunday evening getting my prep work out of the way and getting ready to dive into some really great clean eating.

I hope you will follow me through this journey as I explore the detox process and redefining my feelings towards food.  As always,  I will be totally honest and I'm sure there will be plenty of ups and downs.  And I will even track my weight and see how my body responds to this shift in eating.  Drum roll please...the official weigh-in today was:

Me: 163.6 lbs   (ugh)                                 My Husband:  186.8 lbs

Bring on the REAL food!

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