The First 3 Days #cleanse #detox

Well, here I am starting day 4 of the 30 Day REAL Food Challenge and I thought you all might like a little up date on how things are going so far.  So here it is:

Day 1:
I went into the first day being pumped about my journey to real food.  I was all prepared for the recipes and everything was coming together beautifully.  The recipes were simple and the food was delicious. Until that afternoon...cue raging caffeine withdrawal headache!  It was like someone had hit me in the forehead with a sledgehammer.  And it was unrelenting.  By the time hubby got home I was walking around like a zombie.  Tired, cranky and in pain.  So that's detox for ya!  And my hubby was no better.  He had the headache and went on this rant about what was this crazy diet thing and it's not enough food for him and his job and blah, blah, blah.  Needless to say we were both in bed by 9:30pm that night.

Day 2: 
When I woke up I felt somewhat better.  That caffeine headache was still there, but not quite as severe.  Again, all the food was amazing and I was sharing my lunch with my co-workers; singing the praises of these clean eating recipes.  By Tuesday night the headache finally disappeared and I shocked that I couldn't actually eat all the food that I was making.  Who knew just veggies could be so filling?!

Day 3:
So Wednesday I woke up and actually felt good.  What the heck?  I wasn't dragging my butt and even at 5:30am I felt perky and alive!  And that was without any coffee!  After we got home from work my husband even admitted that he was feeling pretty good.  And that his anti-food-cleanse rant from Monday was merely induced by caffeine withdrawal and those fun detox side effects.  He even commented at dinner that I was glowing! Yup, GLOWING!  And I was...a bit.  Winter here in Canada can be rough and I'm usually left with a pasty white complexion or what I like to call the fluorescent light tan.  But when I looked in the mirror I didn't look off-white and sickly.  The rosy glow had returned to my cheeks (I  didn't even have to run on the treadmill or shovel the driveway to get it) and my complexion looked fantastic!  I couldn't believe it. Me and my hubs looked more alive than we had in months.   And to top it off, each of us lost 3 lbs!  Not to shabby for the first few days.

Now that most of those nasty feelings of detoxification have left I'm super excited to see what the next week brings.  We get a whole new plan of recipes and I can't wait to see how all these amazing foods change our bodies and minds!

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