30 Day R.E.A.L Food Challenge...Complete!!

Well, we did it...30 days of Real food!  And I'm happy to report that both my husband and I survived the challenge and might have actually enjoyed it.  In case you're just tuning in, a month ago my hubby and I decided to tackle the 30 Day R.E.A.L Food Challenge from Young and Raw.  It's 30 days of real, whole foods, mostly raw and all gluten-free and vegan.  Yup, we're just that crazy!

But as of last night, we're finished! And here's what we discovered:
  • Retraining your taste buds can be difficult, but it's so worth it in the end. Real food tastes AMAZING!
  • I may have eaten more greens in the past month than I have in the past 38 years.
  • My body and mind functions much better when I'm not eating animal products or processed foods.
  • Having a buddy is key to completing the challenge.
  • Sometimes salad is all you need.
  • There are some freakin' awesome vegan recipes out there!
  • Less ingredients can equal more taste.
  • Eating well shouldn't just be about weigh loss.  Eating well just to be well is what really matters!
  • This challenge may be better suited to the summer months.  Winter in Canada = limited quality produce.
  • It's OK to indulge once in a while. It's not cheating...just enjoy that piece of cake and then get back on track.
So what do we do now?  Well, I'm still doing a modified version of this challenge.  I started off this morning with a giant glass of water with fresh squeezed lemon.  And then for breakfast a yummy protein smoothie.  I think we're going to adopt the 80/20 rule going forward.  80% of our foods will be whole, vegetarian foods and 20% will be the other stuffs.  And I don't know if it will even stay there.  It might get closer to 90/10.  My husband, a true Meatitarian admitted last week that he didn't really even miss eating meat or cheese! Whaaaa? Really? I couldn't believe my ears.  As for myself, I don't really miss it either.  Fruits and veggies have become more delicious and satisfying in the past couple weeks.  And I like it!  I'm sure we'll have ups and downs and days where we just want junk.  But I'm confident that the 30 Day R.E.A.L Food Challenge has permanently changed the way we think and feel about food.

Oh yeah, before I forget....the weigh in!  After about the second week I stopped stepping on the scale everyday.  Mainly because after a big initial drop in pounds I started to plateau and even saw my weight increasing.  To be honest, it was quite depressing.  So I hid the scale and just kept on trucking.  So this morning since it was the end of the challenge, we figured we had better see what happened.  So drum roll please.....

Mike - starting weight: 186.7 lbs
            ending weight:  176.61bs

Jen - starting weight: 163.6 lbs
          ending weight: 152.8 lbs 

Ugh, I can't believe I'm posting it, but it feels good seeing the difference a month makes! 


  1. Great work you guys! Food challenges never work so well for me - I'm bad at cutting things out completely so I've found 80/20 works best for me (licorice and wine from time to time for sure). ;) I love that this challenge really has changed you both going forward! Keep it up (and hi from the FitFluential fam)!

  2. wow you're looking great, congratulations!


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