Top 10 Safety Tips for Running

It may no officially be Spring yet, but if the amount of birds singing and people pounding the pavement is any indication, then we're not far off.  And what does Spring mean to a runner?? No more treadmill...nothing but pavement...outdoor running all the time! So I thought it might be fitting to make a little list of my top safety tips as a friendly reminder to all of us road runners to help keep us happy, healthy and injury free.

Top 10 Safety Tips for Running

  1. Wear Bright Colours - yes, we love our sleek black leggings and jackets that are oh so flattering, but it's wise to choose bright colours instead.  It doesn't even matter if it's Winter or Summer, the brighter the better.  Even if it's broad daylight, it's easy to blend in with your surroundings; hence, my neon pink jacket that I wear religiously.  You can't even look directly at it because it's so bright, but no one driving down the road could possibly miss me!
  2. Turn Down the Volume - I love listening to some cool jams while out on the run, but I also make sure I don't have them cranked.  I have it loud enough to hear the music, but also quiet enought to listen to my surroundings.  That way you can stay aware of cars, dogs, people or whatever that may come up behind you.
  3. Plan Your Route - when you head out the door, make sure you've got a route planned and let someone know where you'll be heading.  I always tell my husband "here's where I'm going in case I don't come back."  Not only is it a great safety net for you, but in case something happens at home and your family needs you back, they can hop in the car and track you down.
  4. Work Out a Time Frame - this ties in with your route plan, but make sure to also give an approximation on when you'll be back.  That way, if for some reason you're not back then your family can start planning a search party.
  5. Run in the Day - I know it's not always possible, but if you can, try to plan most of your run during daylight hours.  That way there's less worry of night dangers or just simply misstepping in the dark and twisting an ankle.
  6. Bring a Phone - if you are headed out on longer runs, make sure to bring your phone if possible.  Of course it's perfect for emergencies, but it's also handy in case you need to look up the nearest washroom or to call home to tell them you're going for a coffee after your run.
  7. Pack ID - seems silly to bring a driver's license when you're running, but you should have some form of legal ID on your person while you're out.  If something were to happen and you were found unconscious, no one would know who you are or who to call  without it, unless you write your name and phone number in your shoes.
  8. Run in a Group - or at the very least with a buddy.  Safety in numbers right? And besides, having someone to run with is also a great way to stay motivated.
  9. Carry Cash - make sure to leave your house with a few dollars.  You may never need it, but in the event that you do it could be a lifesaver.  Whether its to use a pay phone, grab a extra snack because you hit the wall, or take the bus because you're done; those couple bucks will feel like a million in a time of need.
  10. Food & Drink - last, but not least is nourishment.  Make sure to pack enough water and fuel to keep you going for your run and then some. Even on the cooler days you'd be surprised how much fluid you actual lose and you'll want to keep hydrated and energized to finish your run and keep your body happy.
Got any other awesome tips? I'd love to hear how you run safe.

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