Well, in just over 2 weeks I will be doin' it!  What you ask?  Running my very first  HALF MARATHON!!  


Yup, I can't believe that the Forest City Road Races are almost here. So my friend Shannon and I are ambassadors for FCRR and we thought that we might as well 'GO BIG OR GO HOME!'  It was just a few months ago when we decided that it would be a great idea to tackle 13.1 miles.  And given neither of us had run any more than 10k when we signed up, this is kind of a big deal.

So why am I doin' it??

Well, there's a tonne of reasons and I can't exactly narrow down which one was the deciding factor...

I'm doin' it because: 

  • why not?
  • there is an awesome medal!
  • for bragging rights of course!
  • I want to see if I actually can do it.
  • I was never terribly athletic, and I want to prove that if I can do it, anyone can.
  • what a way to celebrate 10+ years as a non-smoker!
  • I might be having a pre-mid-life crisis!
  • I'm just a little crazy.
  • all my friends are running 1/2 marathons.
  • it's a great local event for an amazing cause.  The race is completely volunteer run and all the proceeds go to the Thames Valley Children's Centre
  • I think I might actually like running.
  • I want that feeling of accomplishment and reaching a goal that I have worked hard for.
  • I want to see my husband and kids cheering for me at the finish line!
  • I want to prove that this kinda chubby mom with bad knees, awful feet, asthma and Polycystic Kidney disease can run!

So, ya... I guess that's why I'm doin' it.  My only question to you is why aren't YOU doin' it?!

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