10 Thoughts While Camping with Kids

Last week we packed up and headed out on our first camping trip of the summer.  Three days, 2 kids, 2 dogs and us in one tent trailer.  Oh man!  Well, we survived and here's a glimpse of how the trip went...

10 Thoughts While Camping with Kids

  1. What was I thinking? Who's idea WAS this??
  2. OMG, the kids (and dogs)are SO dirty!
  3. Dear Lord, can we all just get along?! 
  4. Hey look, they're quiet...and getting along.
  5. Could you just stop barking already??
  6. The kids are SO dirty & happy!
  7. Kids in jammies by the fire...adorable!
  8. Go the F*@& to sleep!! Where's the wine?
  9. Hey, the kids slept in! It's a miracle.
  10. When's our next trip?!
You know, camping with kids and pets is trying to say the least.  But even with wanting to pull my hair out multiple times, it was still a blast! Once the first day gong show was over and everyone settled in, we all had a great time.  Both girls said it was the best day ever on multiple occasions.  And seeing everyone sandy, sun kissed and smiling made it all worthwhile.  

And wine helped too!

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