My Year in Running

It's hard to believe a year ago I started running...again.  I had run on and off before and between children but hadn't really run for most of my life, until last August.  I was inspired my wonderful friend Shannon of Sweet Stella's who had literally just had a baby and was out pounding the pavement.  And there I was, sitting on the couch with my snacks, doing nothing and feeling like crap.

I distinctly remember thinking to myself "If she can have a baby and then go for a run, then I totally can.  Why am I sitting here, hurting and aching for no reason, I might as well go do something that make me feel sore."

And so I did.  That's how it all started.

So I thought given it's sorta my run-iversary I should recap the past year.  It's had it's ups and downs and injuries and PR's.  Lots of smiles and high-fives and lots of tears.  But looking back on it all, it makes me happy and proud of myself. And maybe, just maybe I can get back to where I was just a few months ago, but if not...does it even matter??  All that matters is getting out there and just running.

OK, so now that I made a list, I'm kinda surprised just how much I ran this past year.  Lot's of 5k's, a couple 10's and two halfs.  Not to shabby and kinda awesome too.  In case you wanted to know, here's what I ran:

  • Hillbilly Hustle - Glencoe
  • MEC 5k - London
  • Pumpkin Run 10k - Rondeau
  • MEC 5k - London
  • Santa Shuffle 5k - London
  • Gasparilla 5k - Tampa
  • Easter Dash 5k - Komoka
  • Yonge St. 10k - Toronto
  • Forest City Road Races Half Marathon - London
  • Chuckle Run 5k - London
  • Niagara Falls Women's Half - Niagara Falls
  • Run to the BBQ 5k - London
  • Warrior Dash - Barrie
  • I Run for Ice Cream Fun Run - London
  • 5k: 27:45 -  Easter Dash
  • 10k: 56:22 - Yonge St. 10k  (with undiagnosed stress fractures)
  • Half Marathon: 2:12:42 - Forest City Road Races (still with undiagnosed stress fractures)

Wow! I'm still a little surprised.  I guess I can't complain given I had a groin injury shortly after the Pumpkin Run and then learned I had 2 stress fractures (femur & pelvis) after my first half marathon. WTF?! I essentially had to stop all training and activity after the Forest City Road races  to try and get the stress fractures to heal.  (But, as you can see I didn't exactly follow my doctor's orders.  Oops!)

I got the all clear last month so now begins my training for the 10k Women's Run coming up in September!

It's been a hard year, a great year and a year that definitely changed me.  And now, looking at all this, written down for me to see, I realize that I can do it and will do it again.  There's a reason that the universe knocked me down a notch and wants me to start all over again.  I know there's a lesson here and I think I'm well on my way to learning what that is and how to keep moving forward.

Here's to another year! And here's to my friend Shannon! You're one bad ass mama and I'm so thankful our paths crossed a couple years ago!

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