Contrary to popular belief, a lot of hippies still roam the planet.

Some people even believe they only exist in movies but they’re also here in real life. There are also some myths about them. One is that they are the ones who stage rallies. In some form, this can be true because they are always against political decisions. However, it’s not only them who are rallying. There are a number of groups who protest a lot and not all of them are hippies. In fact, they have a group that is entirely different from hippies. Yes, it is unfair to generalize them as people who love to protest.

Top Myths About Hippies

They may like to speak their mind about certain topics but they can’t be doing that all the time. Hence, a hippie can’t be considered someone who protests automatically. It’s not ideal to do something like that all the time especially when the weather is terrible. You may even get sick and you’ll end up paying more than what you originally imagined. Another theory is that hippies originated in the 1960s. Nobody can prove this since that was a long time ago but that is quite possible. After all, the Daily Porn Discounts clothes hippies wear today are similar to what people used to wear in the 60s. Yes, the short shorts and groovy sunglasses became a fad during that time. However, it was not until the early 70s that they became a real fad.

One myth about a hippie is that the trend vanished a long time ago.

While it may be true that nobody is talking about it, there are still a lot of people dressed up as hippies today. They don’t only do it during Halloween but they are used to it too. Of course, they may have their own reasons for doing that. It doesn’t mean right away they are poor. It can mean they just love dressing up as hippies which leads to another myth that hippies only live in rural communities. This is not exactly true because they live in all places you can think of. Yes, they can pop up when you least expect them to. It may have become a phenomenon back in the day but some people think they can still becomeĀ discount hippies today. After all, there is nothing wrong with dressing according to the way you like.


The law does not prevent it as long as you feel comfortable with it.

Besides, it also makes you save a lot of money on the clothes you wear. There is no need to go for brands that sell expensive clothes all the time. Their kids may not agree with them though. However, they will get used to it in a matter of time. It’s difficult to judge someone just because he dresses like a hippie. You never know when that person is making moreĀ porn discounts money than you. Besides, most hippies are proud of who they are. They’ll even go to bars and not dress properly for the occasion.